Tuesday, February 2, 2016

8 Months: Pregnancy Update

I can't believe I'm 8 months pregnant. Seriously, where has the time gone? And where have my abs gone??

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

EIA's Great Jetaway Contest!

It's January. We're all paying off our credit cards from Christmas, it's cold outside, there's snow on the ground and you're probably thinking, "I could use a tropical vacation right about now!" Or maybe your parents, sister or best friend would love to get away and have never been anywhere outside of chilly Canada? Well lucky for everyone, I've teamed up with Edmonton International Airport to bring you a contest that could send one of your loved ones on an ultimate vacation (valued at $10,000.00!) to wherever their heart desires -  New York, or London or even balmy Bora Bora which sounds SO nice right about now! It's easy to enter:

Monday, January 25, 2016

Palmer's Anti-Itch Skincare Package and a Giveaway!

Pregnancy comes with a whole lot of symptoms - some nice (glowing skin, shiny hair, bigger b**bs!) and some not-so-nice (nausea, swollen legs, sore back, itchy skin). I remember one day back in December, my belly was sooooo itchy from it being stretched, I was scratching all day long (it was so hard NOT to) and I felt like I wanted to crawl out of my skin. And it only got worse at night. I thought to myself, "Dear God, I need some relief! Or else I'm going to scratch 'til I bleed!" Luckily Palmer's Anti-Itch Skincare Package came into my life just in time or else I'd STILL be digging my fingernails into my flesh ; )

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

What NOT To Say To A Pregnant Woman

wearing: striped top - Motherhood Maternity, cardigan - Banana Republic, jeans - Thyme Maternity,
 purse - Rebecca Minkoff Mini Mac c/o Shopbop, boots - Steve Madden (old), toque - Bench Canada

Thursday, January 7, 2016

Cindy, Claudia and Naomi for Balmain S/S 2016

Be still, my 90's supermodel-loving heart! When I saw these photos of Cindy Crawford (age 49), Claudia Schiffer (age 45) and Naomi Campbell (age 45) - the ORIGINAL supermodels - posing for photographer Steven Klein for the Balmain S/S 2016 ad campaign I was so excited I had to share!
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